Project Description

WOW Factor is a duo from Holland. Creative heart of the band is Ronald Gerrritzen, better known as Gait, guitarplayer, songwriter and above all singer. Michel Florijn takes care of the heartbeat on drums, percussion and samplers. The music varies from simple country songs to wide arranged orchestral, dance and experimental tracks. All authentic compositions.

The collaboration with ICP derives from the desire to work with a professional classical voice for the song After Killing, which is one of the tracks on the EP the WOW Factor recorded in France/England with topproducer James Sanger (a.o. Keane). So they teamed up with operasinger Armanda ten Brink and the song had a serious classical make-over! Young and talented Dutch filmmaker Guido Coppis made a very special short movie, inspired by the song. watch the video here

WOW is always looking for the ‘wow’-experience, concerts will never be the same as they are performing in various settings and invite a diverse range of guest-artists. So besides sometimes Armanda ten Brink joins the show,  it is possible you can also see and hear for instance singer/songwriter/rapper Gwen Lemmens, DJ Marc Diekmeijer or a didgeridoo-player. As well there is  a chance VJ Larkov is supplementing their performance with a wide range of pictures and short films.